Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - Angela

This is Angela, but everyone I know calls her Ang. She’s an amazing lady who’s got the best sense of humor. Everyone needs a little Ang in their life! She’s not flashy, show offy (is that even a word?) or trying to impress anyone. So much so that she isn’t even on Facebook or Instagram.

Ang has modeled for me before, but mostly just fashion or portrait type stuff. I knew she’d kill this boudoir session just because she has such an amazing personality. She’s goofy, natural and a REAL person. She’s confident but not cocky and just a true friend.

“I think boudoir sessions with Lauren are so much fun. I always look forward to our sessions because I know that I’m going to look and feel amazing. You get to dress up and feel glamorous for the day, it’s honestly the biggest confidence booster in my opinion.”

The incredible Molly Tanzillo did the hair and makeup to make Ang look even more stunning than she already does. In my opinion, I always recommend going the extra mile and getting your hair and makeup done. It really makes a huge difference. I’m not saying to get a full makeover to the point where you don’t even look like yourself, but a touch of eyeshadow and highlighter and some extra volume to your hair will give you that extra confidence boost!

Ang looks like such a natural in these images, I try to pose everyone with them and their body in mind. The way I pose her isn’t the way I’ll pose you, I’ll fine tune each pose to bring out the best in you! “She’s super professional and is great with posing if you’re not sure what to do”

Now that you’ve read through and learned about a real girl’s experience in a boudoir shoot, what’s stopping you?! 

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Hair and Makeup by: Molly Tanzillo of Blue Lotus Salon

Bucks County maternity session-Joli

I have been dying to photograph a soon to be mama for what seems like years. It just seemed like fate was never on my side. Schedules changes would prevent them from happening, something would come up, the list could go on. After Joli contacted me wanting a maternity session, I felt like maybe this one would actually happen!

I am so glad it did. I am head over heels in love with every photo I captured that day. We met on a beautiful fall day which happened to be exceptionally warm which was a plus since Joli’s dress happened to be sleeveless. We headed to Tyler park and shot at a few locations.

I kept the session minimal and natural. I didn’t want to over pose her or make her feel uncomfortable. I let her beauty shine through in the images and let the sun work it’s magic.

The dress she wore is actually one that I have in my collection for clients to wear if they need help finding something for their session. We were nervous that the dress wouldn’t fit with her bump, but it worked out so well.

The beautiful sheer material added drama and movement to the session that I feel really makes this images so special.

Joli is so beautiful and I am so happy my dream maternity session finally happened! Joli, you’re going to be an incredible mother to your little baby boy, congratulations!

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Bucks County newborn photographer-Baby Aidan

This little guy came into the world on December 15, 2016 and I had the honor of being one of the first people to photograph him! His beautiful mama, Joli, contacted me a few months ago in need of maternity photos. I was beyond excited and knew that after her maternity session, photographing her little man had to happen!

As soon as I saw her post welcoming Aidan into the world we started planning. Joli’s maternity session was very natural and beautiful, which is why I opted out of anything that doesn’t feel or look natural for Aidan. We basically let him do the work, photographing him as he made different noises, and expressions just to capture him as he naturally is as a 2 week old baby.

After a few toots and diaper changes, as well as attempts at feeding him, we could tell he was in no rush to fall asleep. He knew it was his time to shine and was wide awake for the entire session. I’d say he’s the most content baby I’ve ever met!

Caleb, gave it a try to get his little boy to fall asleep, but Aidan knew all eyes were on him. We rolled with it and I think it resulted in some adorable photos of the two of them together.

Joli and Caleb, you two have such a beautiful baby boy. You two are such amazing loving parents and I wish you all the best with you new little bundle of happiness, and old man toots :)

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