Backyard Barn Wedding, Bucks County, PA -Krista & Nick

Okay, I’m seriously so excited to blog this wedding. Krista and Nick got married on July 6th, in Bucks County on Krista’s family’s farm. Yes, it was hot, yes I might have been sweating the entire day, but was it just the most perfect day? Yes, of course. EVEN with an insane rain storm…but we’ll get to that later! 

Krista and her bridesmaids got ready at her mom’s beautiful home. Everything was so calm and relaxed throughout the morning while they all got dressed and ready to go. I love capturing little moments between the bride and whomever she chooses to help her get ready. It’s always so sweet. In Krista’s case, we had each of her side of the wedding party help her with a small item.

Nick and his groomsmen got ready at the farm where the entire wedding was taking place! Sometimes when I arrive the guys are completely dressed and ready to go, but other times they aren’t. Getting photos of all the guys helping each other get dressed are always some of my favorite candids!

Krista and Nick decided not to do a first look, which was totally okay! Since they weren’t going to see each other, we did their wedding party photos separately before ceremony. Krista’s mom’s property had so many beautiful trees and a gorgeous field behind which made for the perfect backdrop for the bridesmaids photos! 
I was able to get use out of the awesome backdrops at the barn where the guys were, and even photographed them on the truck bar that Kelsey King created! 

Speaking of Krista and Nick’s hard work for this amazing wedding. These two and their family did SO much work on the property to make it perfect for the wedding. All of the hard work paid off so well, though. I think they could totally make this into an actual wedding venue! 

Throughout the wedding day, it called for showers. We crossed our fingers that it would all pass by without pouring down on their wedding day. Even though it did rain, it held off for exactly the amount of time needed to have their ceremony. During their vows, I would say, the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard happened. As soon as everyone got into the house/at the cocktail hour space, the rain fell very hard, but not for too long at all!

Even though it was raining, that didn’t stop us from getting amazing photos of these two. After family photos, we stayed in the barn to wait out the storm. We ended up taking some of my favorite photos from the day in this space! 

Once the rain finally stopped, everyone was able to enjoy the cocktail hour while I took a few more photos of Krista and Nick around the property. The light after the storm was so perfect, I wish I could shoot in it every single wedding. Also, can we talk about how beautiful Krista’s dress is?! It was made for spinning…and maybe a few booty squeezes. 

Even if my couple doesn’t do a first look, I TRY so hard to make sure they can enjoy a tiny bit of cocktail hour. One of my favorite times of the day is when the couple enters the cocktail hour room/space. I always follow them because I get the best candids during that moment. This is everyones first time interacted with the couple after the ceremony and they’re all so excited to see them! 

Being apart of this wedding day was so special. Knowing that these two have known each other since elementary school, just made this day even more meaningful! It was so fun seeing all of Krista and Nick’s closest friends and family partying with them, even in on and off rain showers. The love and support these two have is unmatched!

The support here is also unmatched. Just gonna leave this here, definitely one of my all time favorite images from a wedding night!

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