Fox & Finch Vintage Rentals-Vendor Spotlight

Today’s blogpost is featuring two amazing ladies! Meg and Abby, the owners of Fox & Finch Vintage Rentals/Studio in the Lehigh Valley I am so excited to get back into featuring vendors on my blog. It’s been a hot minute, but what better way to kick it off than with these two! I’ve been working with Meg and Abby for a little while now. We’ve done styled shoots together, I’ve rented their studio multiple times and we’ve worked on real weddings together! 

Fox & Finch started because the two of them have a deep respect and love for vintage furniture. They both separately started collecting and refinishing old pieces that they knew had potential. “We’ve spent years working on it, repairing it and bringing it back to life. It’s a niche talent we separately developed. I have a background in the hospitality industry and had planned several large events. Abby has a background in production. It just kind of all worked together to make us highly qualified to run this kind of business. Once we realized that, we knew we should pursue it. We’d never heard of a vintage rental company. But as soon as we did, we knew it was for us and that we’d be great at it.”

This is Meg, she’s a mom of three living in an amazing farmhouse that her and her husband of 17 years are constantly working on! She runs more of the rental side of the business, while Abby works on the studio portion! Meg says her favorite part about this job is “putting the furniture in place for a wedding. In the quiet moments before other wedding vendors arrive, I primp and fluff the furniture. I feel like I’m dressing a fancy lady in preparation for a ball. I love anticipating how the furniture will be used at the event for each guest.”

This is Abby, she’s also a Mom, but as she puts is, “I’d say I’m primarily a mom, at this stage of life,

with a pretty cool side job.” Abby prefers the behind the scenes work, she has a background in production and loves organizing, fixing up furniture and keeping the studio in line! 

Running a rental business and studio may seem like a super glamorous job, filled with antiquing, styling amazing vintage pieces and interacting with amazing clients. What you may not realize is that the job is incredibly physical. I’ve seen them on huge ladders, hanging rugs from ceilings, hauling insanely heavy couches from one end of the studio to the other, they’re basically bodybuilders in disguise. “It seems like a glamorous job from the outside. A lot of our job is styling and keeping up with furniture trends. But I would say, at least 50% of it is grunt work.”

Abby and Meg’s amazing furniture is all held in a turn of the century garment factory in Fountain Hill, PA. They have a large portion of the warehouse that is rentable for everything from styled shoots, to baby showers, to even small weddings! I’ve done my fair share of styled shoots and sessions here and every time I shoot here, I fall in love more and more with the space. When asking them why and how they decided to rent out the warehouse, Meg said  ” It just made good sense. We chose a part of our building with fantastic lighting so we could photograph our inventory. We began

hosting styled shoots in our space and realized that others would probably be interested in using it as well. We expanded two years ago and have found that the Lehigh Valley really did need a rentable studio space. We’re proud to offer a unique one with tons of props at an affordable rate.”

Of course we have to talk about the wedding and event aspect of their company. When it came to vintage rentals in the Lehigh Valley area, there weren’t many options for couples wanting to add unique pieces to their wedding day decor. Meg says that a good friend who is a photographer in the industry, introduced her to the idea of a vintage rental company. “I had always loved antique and vintage furniture and had spent my life collecting unique pieces and refinishing them. But one can’t

move furniture by oneself! I began praying for a business partner that would be just as passionate about creating a special collection and offering it to enhance events. Abby heard about that I was starting up this business and approached me one day at church with her resume in hand! We were merely acquaintances at the time, with a long history of knowing of the other. I had long admired her style and knew right away she was the right person for the job.”

I always love asking business owners what they would be doing if they weren’t running their business. Abby says “I probably would have gone back into production on a lesser scale and tried to find something closer to home. I don’t know if I’d be totally content with that sort of a career anymore though. You do what you have to do, but I feel lucky that I am in a spot where I get to do something I enjoy.” Meg says “I’d probably be off trying to save the world and burning myself out. Ha! Fox and Finch gives me a creative outlet and a chance to flex some skills I never knew I had (like bookkeeping, who knew?). It allows me to be an active member of my community, and take on some humanitarian projects on the side. Which for me is a much healthier way to do it.” 

I’m so glad I got to feature this amazing duo on the blog. If you’d like to check out their inventory or their studio click the links below to get in touch! 

Check out the rentals!
Check out the studio!

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