Haley & Oliver- Art Museum Engagment

I’ve been slacking a bit on the blogging, but here’s a surprise Sunday blogpost! Haley and Oliver had their engagement session at The Philadelphia Museum of Art! It was so fun and unique and a great way to stay warm on this chilly December day!

We started out with some photos at Boathouse Row and then a few overlooking the city before heading in the museum. Haley studied Art History in college so she was 100% in her element when we walked in. We only had about 40 minutes to cover everything we wanted since the museum was closing. Haley killed it since she knows the museum like the back of her hand.

I loved shooting in the museum because it totally switched things up for me as a photographer! I’m so used to the outdoor, golden hour field sessions but this one was just so fun and different. Incorporating the museum’s architecture and of course, art, into the images made these images super architectural and interesting!

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