Julia & Gaeton- Fishtown in home engagement session

Julia and Gaeton decided to have their engagement session in the cutest lil airbnb in Fishtown. Julia loved the idea of an in home style session for their shoot. She said, “I’ve always been a sucker for good ambiance. I love creating/ visiting spaces that make me and other people feel a certain type of way when I or they are in them. When I began researching locations for our engagement session, I knew I wanted it to feel super intimate, that’s when I began looking at Airbnb’s. When I found Irene’s Place, (the name of our Airbnb) I instantly felt that feeling I had been searching for. It’s mid century modern decor mixed with its vintage appliances had me instantly imagining Gaeton and I cuddled up in every part of the space. When we got there, we could not be more in love with our choice, and Lauren truly brought our imaginations to life.”

These two actually met in college, Julia went on a date with one of Gaeton’s roomates, but ended up with Gaeton in the end! “His roommate and I had gone on a little date to the Flyers game and he had invited me over afterwards to have some drinks with his roommates, ya know - colleges style dating.  After a few too many, one of Gaeton’s other roommates noticed me lip syncing Timber by Kesha to him from across the room. *also cringe* His roommate gave him the heads up and that’s when Gaeton made his move. ” Instead of asking Julia out, Gaeton slid into Julia’s twitter DMs at 3am ~so millenial~

Julia says, “All I know is I’ve never been so happy to go on what was a shitty date to the Flyers game that resulted with a 3AM DM slide. I cannot wait to call this man my husband, and to walk out at our reception to none other than, Timber by Kesha. ”

Before we get to talking about their wedding, you gotta hear about how they got engaged. Julia calls it “the trifecta”.  “In one day, we had our offer accepted on our home, I quit my job and accepted a new one, and best of all we got ENGAGED! Gaeton was taking me out to dinner to celebrate the prior two occasions; it was safe to say I had NO idea it was coming. I did not have the slightest inclination that this was happening to the point that I decided it was not worth me washing my 3 day old hair, and nails? Forget it! I had been biting them away with total confidence that I had plenty of time to grow them back before this day would come. We went to dinner at Moshulu in Philadelphia. Half way through our appetizers, Gaeton suddenly received a phone call from none other than MY mom. He decided to take it and headed outside for AT LEAST 10 minutes. People were staring at me like I got ditched… it was quite comical, but in total Gaeton/ my mom fashion to get hung up on the phone for an extended period of time. He came walking back in with a giant smile on his face. I didn’t know why, but when he suddenly fell to the floor moments later (yes FELL) and pulled out a piece of tissue paper with a ring inside, I knew. *Que the waterworks* I was so in such shock and happiness I couldn’t even get the words out. Gaeton finally said “Soooo…is that yes? Please just say something!” I of course mumbled out the word and nodded profusely. To be honest, this wasn’t the way I thought our proposal would go. But it was SO much better than I could ever imagined because damn was it SO us. We celebrated by ditching the fancy restaurant and grabbing Miller Lites at the bar around the corner from our apartment in Manayunk. This day will never not bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. It was perfect. ” p.s. I basically fell into Julia’s arms while walking into the airbnb….maybe there’s a theme?

Now we get to talk about the wedding day! These two are getting married this fall at one of my favorite places, Morris Arboretum, it’s been a while since I’ve shot a wedding there, and I know this one will be the bomb. I love to ask couples what they’re most excited for when it comes to the wedding, they said, “Simply put, marrying each other. Getting to make a commitment in front of our family and friends that we will work every day to be the best versions of ourselves for each other, in good times and bad. But in a lighter regard, we also cannot wait to have both of our families together. It has always kind of been “one or the other” when it comes to our relationship. My family is spread far and wide, and his close by. It’s hard for us to ever have our family and friends all in one place, that is something really special…and makes us a little nervous too lol!”

Cannot wait to photograph these two making it official, fingers crossed there’s no falling or tripping!

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