Two lovebirds in the city-Lauren Driscoll Photography

When I heard that Kristin was coming back to PA from living in California, I got so excited. We had only shot once before she left and with the news of her coming back, I knew we had to shoot again!

Kristin and Russell met at Antonelli, just like my boyfriend and I. Kristin graduated a year before my first year there so we had never had the chance to have classes together. She studied photography while Russell studied graphic design. Since Graphic design and Photography never have classes together, these two didn’t meet until their last couple of weeks before graduating!

The two of them are so fun and care free and I knew I had to photograph them together. I shot their whole session on film, which was a first for me! If I’m going to shoot film, I’ll usually do a few frames of digital to balance it out just in case the film doesn’t turn out the way I had planned.

Kristin’s dress was such a vibrant orangey red and I love the way the film captured the color! Kristin works for Free People so her style is always on point. It was so fun walking around the city finding cute little spots to photograph them at. I’m never shooting in the city, so whenever I do it’s always a fun time because it breaks me out of my comfort zone!

Kristin and I have very similar shooting styles, and that’s why I asked her to be one of my second shooters for my wedding season this year! We both love the same candid effortless looks and pose clients very similarly so it was a match made in heaven.

I can’t wait for wedding season to really get into full swing with this gal!

Kristin’s Dress: Free People (Similar style here)

Location: Old city & South Street 

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