Sharee & Adam- Mansion in The Pines outdoor wedding

Sharee and Adam got married on September 28th in Myerstown, PA at Mansion in The Pines! This incredible home was built in the 1860s and was said to have significance in the underground railroad. There are over 2 acres of land where Sharee and Adam had both their ceremony and reception on! 

Sharee’s amazing longsleeved lace dress was designed by Ti Adora from Jennifers bridal in Hockessin, Delaware. The lace detailing went perfect with all of the ornate detailing throughout the house. Lauren Klick designed their paper goods for the wedding date! Photographing details is one of my favorite parts of the day. The small details can really tell a huge part of your story. I know tons of couples who work so hard putting together all of the small bits and bobs that get included on their day. Adam’s watch had a special engraving that I’m sure most guests didn’t see, but he knew it was there and that is such a special piece that needs it’s own spotlight! 

When it comes to the getting ready portion of the day, I always recommend to hire an amazing makeup and hair team. They can really make or break the day if things don’t start off on the right foot. Sharee hired Corinne Haggarty and her team to make everyone feel their best. We ended up switching things in the timeline in the spur of the moment and Corinne and her team were able to adjust with the changes with no problem at all!

Lancaster Flower co. was in charge or creating the most amazing bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and of course the ceremony space. It was a boho dream! 

Adam and Sharee both shared that the ceremony was their most anticipated moment together! Sharee said that after the ceremony while they were walking down the aisle together, “Hearing the songs that we fell in love to was the cherry on top.”

When it came to Adam’s favorite part of the day, he says it was the ceremony, but more importantly, when they said their vows to each other. Sharee also loved the ceremony the most, but she especially loved when they got to walk back down the aisle together as an official married couple. She says, “we just hugged and cried together because it was such a romantic, overwhelming feeling.”

Let’s talk about the wedding party! Adam and Sharee’s lovely wedding party wore shades of blue, which I thought complimented the red brick of the house so perfectly. We obviously had to make use of the porch and do a Vanity Fair style shot. The bridesmaids got their dresses from Birdy Grey and the Groomsmen all were allowed to mix and match their suits from wherever they’d like! 

Let’s back peddle a bit. Sharee and Adam are so freaking sweet, goofy, caring and just all around amazing people. So it’s no surprise that they have an amazing engagement story. Sharee said, “We were exploring California through caves on the beach and decided to hike above the coast line. He had been asking me all day about us and just poking fun about us and our future. While I hiked further ahead of him, he goes “you sure you want to marry me one day?” (or something to those sorts lol) the main/cutest thing was that he was fumbling with a small bag in his pocket and I definitely thought he was joking. But he pulled the ring out of the bag and got down on one knee…it was just us high above miles of the coast line on the most perfect day (made it even more friggin EMOTIONAL). Pretty sure we both blacked out of shock and excitement after that.” 

These two decided that a first look just wasn’t their thang. Which is TOTALLY okay. Word of advice. If your photographer is forcing you into doing a first look because it “benefits” them, I’d say that photographer isn’t for you. I never tell my couples how to run their wedding days. I will work around whatever obstacle they might throw at me and make sure they’re getting the best out of the hours they have me booked! 

In this case, Sharee and Adam wouldn’t have gotten some amazing golden hour light in their portraits if they had decided on a first look! Trust me, sometimes first looks can really add to a wedding day and be the best benefit to the couple and photographer. But sometimes, it might just be best without one! 

I always ask my couples for bits of advice that they can give any couples who are about to get married. Sharee and Adam gave some great points!
1. Don’t even bother stressing

2. Focus on what you both want to put into it and what truly matters 
3. People who can’t make it are actually doing you a favor (lol!)

4. Stay mindful and centered on what the day truly means to you and your spouse. 


The last one might be the best..but I’m definitely biased.

When it came to the reception decorations, Sharee and Adam opted for lots of greenery and beautiful black tapered candles in gold candle sticks! Eagle Rental provided the tables for everyone to eat their delicious meals catered by Festive Board Catering! There was also an amazing custom bar and a VW bus photobooth!

One thing about having a wedding completely outside is to always be prepared! Alyssa Kurtz of Miss Lyss Planning based in Central PA has three amazing tips for couples who are thinking of having an all outdoor wedding. 

Tip #1: REMEMBER YOURE OUTSIDE! So when the weather calls for clear skies 3 days prior, don’t be surprised if that changes…especially if you’re in hurricane season. Summer weddings often have random summer storms, or spring rains could make grass super soggy and muddy. You can’t control the weather, but you can control your backup options.

Tip #2: Have a backup option! Luckily for Sharee and Adam, there was a historic mansion that we wound up having a house party in. Which worked as the couple was super flexible and wound up having a great time! Sometimes, you’re in the middle of a field or forest with no permanent building in sight. Plan accordingly with Plan B, C, even D options with all bases covered.
Tip #3: Hire great vendors. This goes for whatever event you’re planning, but especially for an outdoor venue. If something goes awry, you need to have a team you can rely on that’s flexible, creative, and hard-working.

When it came to the actual reception, Adam and Sharee shared their first dance with a beautiful backdrop of the mansion and all of their closest family and friends. Their first dance song was Tus Pies (Your feet) by Nahko And Medicine For The People, what made it even better, their close friend sang and played acoustic guitar! 

Once all of the formalities were done and over with, a huge thunderstorm decided to come right through their wedding day.  Instead of feeling bummed about it and letting it ruin their day, Sharee and Adam’s guests came into the house and turned it into the best house party they’ve ever been to. Family and friends mingled from room to room while snacking on desserts and dancing to whatever the DJ was playing! Like Sharee’s advice, don’t even bother stressing. These two definitely didn’t and ended up with such an amazing day filled with so much love and happiness! 


Venue- The Mansion in the Pines 

Caterer-Festive Board

Coordinator- Miss Lyss Planning 

Photographer- Lauren Driscoll 

Hair and Makeup- Corrine Haggarty 

Florals- Lancaster Flower Company
Invitations/signage- Lauren Klick

Tables and Dance Floor- Eagle Rental 

DJ- Doug Koch with FM Sound Productions

Bridal Dress- Jennifer’s Bridal 

Bridesmaid Dresses- Birdy Grey 

Jewelry- Radcliffe Jewelers

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