Stephanie- Sundrenched Self Love Session

wowwiieee! Here I am, again with another lil blog post! I LOVE blogging about self love sessions, so so much. They’re short and sweet but have so much goodness in them! Today’s lovely post is about fellow photographer, Stephanie Barone!! Omg. When a boudoir photographer trusts you to photograph their first boudoir session it’s kinda the biggest compliment ever…and also the scariest thing ever because someone who creates amazing work trusts you to photograph them and make magic ahhh!!!

I had some questions for Steph in regards to her session, because I wanted to see what her perspective was on being behind the camera, instead of the one taking the photos! First question was why?! Why did you do a boudoir session?! “I felt it was only fair to put myself through the same experience they go through. To experience the terrifying drive to the shoot, wanting to turn around every single second. Then the realization that you are actually going to stand in front of a camera, wearing very little. To the high of getting your hair and makeup professional done [molly is a queen!] and then the unmatched feelings when you are being a straight badass while the photographer works their magic.”

Steph loves being outside in the summer, and it was only fitting to do her first boudoir session outside in her natural element! She wanted her session to feel super natural, nothing over the top, so a simple bra and lace undie set were perfect. Molly did her magic on hair and makeup and kept it simple with some bronzey tones to compliment Steph’s summer tan and beachy waves to get that perfect bed head look!

Most of the time, photographers would prefer to be the one behind the camera and not in front of for Steph it was such a big leap to gain that courage to officially get in front of the camera for a session. Trust me, just because us photographers might photograph boudoir sessions regularly doesn’t mean we don’t get nervous too when it comes to getting photos of ourselves done! Steph said, “do. the. boudoir. session. You will not regret the uplifting and empowering feels that come along with it. [like when you force yourself to workout, you never regret it!] It’s so important to love yourself now. Not after you alter your appearance in anyway. But right now. As women, we are constantly so hard on ourselves and allow yourselves to listen to that degrading voice in our heads. doing one of these session will help numb that voice, even if its for a bit. Then it constantly gets drown out every time you take a peek at your photos. I’m not saying that it won’t be scary, but i am saying that it will be 10,000% worth it”

Hair and Makeup: Molly’s Chair

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