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  1. Facing your fears-Empowering Boudoir session

    2017-08-15 16:28:00 UTC

    Can we talk about self love for a little bit? I’m a huge promoter of it, because you are amazing and can do anything you set your mind to! Meagan was lacking some self love and knew that she needed to jump on the bandwagon. She decided that the perfect…

  2. Witchy Boudoir session - Bucks County Photographer

    2017-03-05 00:46:00 UTC

    This is Maria. She’s basically the most beautiful soul in the world, and when I say I’m in love with this session, I really really mean it. I love all my sessions, but this one I LOVE. Maria and I met when I was hired to photograph headshots and group…

  3. Bucks County Boudoir Photographer - Angela

    2017-01-09 20:17:00 UTC

    This is Angela, but everyone I know calls her Ang. She’s an amazing lady who’s got the best sense of humor. Everyone needs a little Ang in their life! She’s not flashy, show offy (is that even a word?) or trying to impress anyone. So much so that she isn’t…

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