Witchy Boudoir session - Bucks County Photographer

This is Maria. She’s basically the most beautiful soul in the world, and when I say I’m in love with this session, I really really mean it. I love all my sessions, but this one I LOVE.

Maria and I met when I was hired to photograph headshots and group photos of the salon she works at! One of my dear friend’s Kayla’s Aunt is the owner and Kayla had already given me the inside scoop on the salon before I went in for the job. She told me that Maria was super cool and I would totally love her. And that, is where this romance blossomed.

For the next few months, Maria and I just had a little online romance, nothing more, nothing less. One day, this unicorn of a woman slid right on into my DM and basically asked me if it’d be cool to do a photoshoot with her and what my thoughts were. Well…little did she know, that I was waiting for this day.

Basically we went full force for this session, I utilized all my poses and Maria brought all the magic. Molly, once again killed it on hair and makeup, like she has been for the past few boudoir sessions that she’s been doing with me. We lucked out by getting a gorgeous day and Maria was 1000% down for doing some outdoor stuff!

I knew that vintage chairs and wildflower bouquets were going to bring all of the witchy vibes together, especially with the bodysuit and lipstick choice. This session is one of those sessions that makes me really stop and go “wow this is my job” It blows me away that I get such amazing clients (I don’t even like calling them clients because they’re more friends then anything) who let me have creative control and trust me with my vision!

I’m totally rambling in this post, I’m just super excited about this session and just want the world to see how gorgeous this lady is. If you ask Maria why she did a boudoir session, she’ll let you know that it’s because “posting your own nudes on instagram is frowned upon.” And the reason why every lady should do a boudoir session is “because we are all unicorns, magical creatures, and it’s hard to capture on film” Every bit of that is true. If you want to feel like a beautiful unicorn, head on down to Blue Lotus and get your hair done by Maria and then email me and I’ll photograph you in all your beauty!

Thanks so much for reading, if you’ve even got this far. This was definitely the most unstructured blog post I’ve written to date, but that doesn’t even matter because my degree is in photography, not writing. Anyways, check out the links below for details from this post!

Blue lotus salon

Hair and Makeup: Molly Tanzillo

Bodysuit: Free People (this one is navy)

If you’d like to book your own magical session click here! If you’d like to see more boudoir work click here! 

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