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  1. Lauren Driscoll- About me

    27 Sep 2017

    This month, I decided to write a blog post about me and my business and why I love doing what I do! Recently I’ve been realizing that some of my favorite photographers share tons about themselves and really give you a look into the inner workings of their business. To…

  2. Molly Tanzillo- Bucks County Hair and Makeup Artist

    25 Jul 2017

    This is Molly. She’s been working with me for a few months now as my in house boudoir session hair and makeup artist. I decided to write a blog post on her because she’s just so amazing. I met Molly through her cousin Kayla who I use as a guinea…

  3. Lavender Fox Florals-Vendor Spotlight

    08 Jun 2017

    As soon as I met Joslyn, I knew I wanted to hang out with her more. She messaged me on instagram and asked if I’d be willing to collaborate…of course I said yes after seeing both her personal instagram as well as her business one. They’re both so colorful and…

  4. Bucks County Artist-Maggie Martin

    27 Feb 2017

    Since I’m constantly posting about my own photography, I decided that maybe it’s time that I share with everyone work from other Artists who I get to work with. I’m going to try really hard to keep up with this series and post about other people in the creative community…

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