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This month, I decided to write a blog post about me and my business and why I love doing what I do! Recently I’ve been realizing that some of my favorite photographers share tons about themselves and really give you a look into the inner workings of their business. To me, it makes me feel like I actually know them in real life! I want to show everyone that I’m a real person and not just a bunch of images that I share on a daily basis!

I made this blog with the intention of sharing deeper into the lives of my clients and their sessions, Why they did the session, what they loved the most about it, and even why they chose me to capture it! Most of the time my instagram and website are just brushing the surface of the amounts of images I have from sessions.  Since I’ve been sharing so much about my clients and vendor friends, I decided, why not share a little bit about myself. I mean, this is my blog so I can do whatever I want with it.

Let me start off with the typical cheesy intro. My name is Lauren, I’m currently 23 years old and love my job….like really love it. I promise I’m not just saying that. Even though this job makes me lose most of my weekends, I’m honestly 100% okay with that. I was thrown into weddings, I never really had the urge to really get into wedding photography, but one weekend about 3 years ago, I was thrown into a second shooting job and I haven’t looked back since! Since then, I’ve grown my business into specializing in weddings, boudoir and portraits. Weekends are jam packed with weddings or engagement sessions; weekdays are full of editing, meeting with clients and potential clients, more engagement sessions, boudoir and just catching up on emails and other business type stuff!

The photography industry can be a little crazy, but I’ve got an amazing group of photographers who I can talk to on the regular about business and anything that may be on my mind! We definitely help each other get through the craziness of wedding season, and the insanely busy fall season that we’re currently in!

Keeping an agenda really helps me stay organized. I love this new one I recently got from a store called Ritual Ritual. This agenda has each month laid out, each week sectioned off, as well as a spot for each month and week’s goals and intentions! September always feels like a second new year to me. It’s when I really get into the swing of the fall season, and a new agenda is purchased in preparation for the actual new year!

Hopefully I can keep this whole “personal blog” going! I really want to start sharing things from my day to day life, like behind the scenes, trips, and maybe tips on working from home! I hope you all enjoyed this little look into my workspace!

Where to find the agenda: Ritual Ritual
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