Taylor & Connor-Bucks County Maternity

I’m always so excited to photograph maternity sessions, they’re a nice change of pace from weddings and boudoir sessions. It’s a nice balance of showing love between a couple while celebrating a woman’s body and the amazing things it’s capable of doing! This session with Taylor was the most perfect thing. I’ve known Taylor since we were in first grade together, and then throughout middle school and high school when we were in the same Girl Scout Troop! She’s grown to become an amazing lady who is just about ready to pop!

I asked Taylor why she wanted to do a maternity session and she said “I wanted to do a maternity session to not only capture the once in a life time moment of my unborn child growing inside me but to capture my true happiness of finally becoming a mother. All my life I have wanted to be a mom, it’s what kept me going through my depression, it wasn’t only my motivation in life, but a reason to stay on this earth.” Documenting this special moment in your life, I feel, is so important.

Like most of the gorgeous ladies I photograph, Taylor was a little nervous for her session. I tell everyone it’s okay to be nervous, but don’t sweat the small stuff. I pose everyone and help them through each step of the session so that they feel the most comfortable and confident the entire time! Taylor ended up LOVING her session after it was finished! She said she had no idea what to expect, but felt so relaxed and comfortable as I guided her through each pose.

The session took place at Bowman’s Wildflower Preserve, one of my favorite locations for sessions. I frequent there often and each time the area looks different due to different things blooming throughout the seasons! Taylor’s vibrant blue dress contrasted so nicely with the golden sunset and the yellow flowers that were in bloom at the preserve. She was truly glowing!

The final question I asked Taylor regarding her maternity session was if she’d ever recommend it to other soon to be mamas. She said “Of course I would recommend a maternity session to other mamas because it is a once in a life time opportunity to capture the moment your carrying your unborn child.”

Taylor is the sweetest, and I’m so excited I could capture the beauty of her pregnancy! I can’t wait until your little man is born! You and Connor are going to be amazing parents to Jaxon and I wish you two all the best!

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