Taylor&Ed-Hickory Run State Park

Okay guys…this engagement session was like a once in a lifetime kinda shoot. Taylor and Ed had been hoping for a sunny day with some amazing golden hour shots, but I really think they ended up getting something even better…FOG!! I’d say it’s definitely harder to plan for fog than it is for a glowy sunset.

A few days before the shoot, the forcast said it was going to be cloudy and rainy so we decided to push the shoot up a few hours just so that we wouldn’t end up in some crazy dark gloom towards the on existent sunset. Taylor was down for anything, my kinda gal!! I love it when couples are spontaneous and up for a little adventure!

As I was driving on the turnpike the roads got foggier and foggier as we got closer to Hickory Run State Park. I kept my fingers crossed that we’d be able to get a little bit of that fog in some of their photos since it was so thick and beautiful! When I arrived at Boulder Field, a section in the park, the fog was 100% there and I was so pumped about it! The rocks were slippery but Ed and Taylor trecked out into the field and we got some pretty killer shots out of it!

The rest of the shoot consisted of just driving in our cars and stopping any time something magical caught my eye! I think we made up for the sunset with this beautiful orange foliage!!

Taylor had requested I bring one of my pieces of vintage furniture to the shoot and I think the floral couch was the perfect touch to this overcast dream boat of a session. Ed didn’t get it but Taylor and I both insisted that it was cool and we obviously had a vision!

This engagement session is definitely one for the books, I don’t know if I’ll ever get some amazing fog unplanned again like that so these will hold a place in my heart!! I can’t wait for Taylor and Ed’s wedding next year, I’m sure it will be here before I know it though!!

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