The ultimate getting ready on your wedding day guide

Let’s talk getting ready on your wedding day! This is when the nerves are hitting their peak, you’re realizing that this is ACTUALLY happening. All of this planning and stress has been on your shoulders for months and months, and it’s now officially here. Getting ready is one of my favorite points in the day. It’s when I get to photograph all the details that you painstakingly chose to go with your vision of what this day would look like. I get to photograph you hanging with your closest friends and family as you snack and get ready for the long day ahead. I wanted to make this blog post to help out any future couples who may be booking their getting ready spots and need some help with choosing where to go/what to do!

Let’s talk details, they’re kinda important. This can include anything that means something to you on your wedding day. For example rings, invitation suites, family heirlooms, vow books, you name it. I want to photograph it all! On the wedding day when I arrive, that’s the first thing I’m going to photograph. I suggest to all my couples to try and keep everything you want photographed together, it can be in a box, or a pouch, I just suggest to try and keep it all together so that you’re not running around the room trying to find all the little bits you’d like photographed! Another tip, designate someone to be in charge of those items, that way when I arrive, if you’re busy doing other things, that person can guide me to your goodies!

Last pro tip for them detail shots; See if your florist can give you extra flowers or greenery so that we can add them into the detail shots! It always adds an extra touch to the flat lays and incorporates more of your color scheme!

Let’s talk the dress….definitely an important thing! You probably spent a good chunk of change on it, so the more photos capturing it’s beauty, I think, the better. One thing to think about is the hanger…I know, such a small detail, but a plastic hanger with an amazing dress is kinda a funny juxtaposition. I carry around a few hangers to switch out on the wedding day just in case my couple forgets to get one, or the place you’re getting ready at doesn’t have any wooden ones in the closet!

Most of the time, I’m gonna take your dress out for a lil stroll, I’m looking for a solid spot to hang the dress and good light. If I can get a photo of the dress where it shows off your venue in some way, that’s always my go to!

phew. Now let’s talk the actual getting ready stuff…first, your getting ready space! Make sure it’s big enough to fit all of the people who will be getting ready with you, plus vendors! When doing walk throughs of venues, the room might seem decently large, but once all your people get in the room with all their stuff it’ll get overwhelming. Not to mention, your makeup and hair vendors will be bringing all their tools and equipment as well.

Some options to make the getting ready space less crowded are:1. Go off site for hair and makeup, that way all you’re doing in the booked space is getting into your outfits. 2. Book joint rooms so that one space can be empty for getting ready photos, while the other is used for hair and makeup prep.3. Have wedding party and family “get ready” in their own rooms (if booking a hotel or b&b) that way all of their extra things won’t take up more space in your room

When it comes to weddings, I’m not one to tell you exactly what to do. It’s your day and I want you to be the happiest you can be. There is one thing, that every couple should take as a lil tip though….natural light. Getting ready in a dark room can bum you out. I know personally I’m a big fan of bright open windows and lots of light. If the room is too dark, I’ll always suggest we do some shots outside that way I get the best light for photos. Also, your hair and makeup artist will thank you!

Let’s talk about the guys…how could I forget?! Now with the guys they usually get dressed in about 5 minutes, have less details than the girls and are just ready to get the day started. Which is not a bad thing.

When I photograph the groom getting ready, a few things to keep in mind are:1. Refrain from putting on your entire suit or tux before I arrive. I know sometimes you can’t help it and get ready as soon as you wake up, but photographing the guys getting ready is just as important as the ladies!2. Make sure you check your tux/suit rental for all the pieces you ordered, it’s no fun when a cufflink is missing.3. Make sure the people you want in the getting ready photos know what time to be ready and where to be.

Guys have details too! It might be a smaller selection but they’re just as meaningful! I love photographing everything from watches, fun socks, custom cufflinks, even the alcohol of choice the wedding party might be toasting with, that day.

Why not have the groom pampered up on the big day, I love that some guys are having a hair stylist come in specifically for them before they get ready. Their hair is important too! Another super fun suggestion is to head to a barber shop before getting in your tux. That way you’ll definitely be in tip top shape before the ceremony.

Finally, sometimes guys just don’t want the getting ready photos at all, in that case, some guys head to their favorite bar before heading to the venue to get a drink and a bite to eat with all their friends! The photos are always super fun and really capture the energy for the day. I just suggest that you call ahead to make sure it’s okay that your photographer would be there for a few shots!

Whether you’re getting ready at your childhood home, a funky airbnb or your favorite hotel, I hope this long blog post helps you out a bit when it comes to planning the getting ready aspect of your big day! If you got this far, thanks for reading, you da real MVP.

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