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  1. Autumn Adventure-Styled Shoot

    2018-03-08 23:03:51 UTC

    FINALLY blogging this styled shoot. I feel like every blog post recently has started off with me saying that I’m “finally blogging it”…but it’s true! I’m so excited to share this post. I’m publishing it on International women’s day and I guess it’s a happy coincidence! My favorite lady, and…

  2. Hope & Joe-Winter Engagement

    2018-02-07 20:54:32 UTC

    Where do I begin with this session?! The beautiful lady in these images is one of my good friends and fellow wedding photographer Hope. She’s getting married to her man, Joe, in upstate New York this summer, and I had the privilege to take their engagement photos! I can’t wait…

  3. Danielle&Brody-Riverside Engagement

    2017-11-29 23:10:14 UTC

    This fall and winter has been full of engagement sessions for all of my couple’s whos weddings are next year! I love getting to know my couples through an engagement session because I get to know them and their love for each other! Danielle and Brody’s love is like no…

  4. Lauren Driscoll- About me

    2017-09-27 21:37:00 UTC

    This month, I decided to write a blog post about me and my business and why I love doing what I do! Recently I’ve been realizing that some of my favorite photographers share tons about themselves and really give you a look into the inner workings of their business. To…

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