Dan and Corina-Intimate New Hope Wedding

I just wanna say, if you’re stressed about planning a huge wedding, and you’re not opposed to keeping it simple, the way Dan and Corina did it, is the way to go!

Dan and Corina’s wedding was the simplest, sweetest day, or should I say few hours. They decided to self unite in front of their closest family members. The two of them said that the reason they went with a self uniting ceremony is because, “It’s free, you can control your whole wedding no one telling you when to do something or what to say, no religious denomination specifically marrying you.”

We met up at one of my favorite locations, Bowman’s wildflower preserve, for their ceremony. The experience was so different from a regular wedding day because the whole family came ready to set up the decorations they brought. They brought loose flower petals and some super cute lanterns to spice up their ceremony space a bit.

Corina and Dan kept the ceremony short and sweet. They exchanged hand written vows that were so full of love and then exchanged rings and had their sister’s sign as witnesses. It’s pretty amazing because they were honestly so calm and didn’t have to stress about anything going wrong since it was such a simple day.

After family photos, Dan and Corina stayed back while the rest of the guests headed to a nearby restaurant for their celebratory dinner. We were able to focus on just the two of them, in love on their wedding day. They brought along a radio with a set few songs that they had playing throughout the ceremony. I thought it would be the perfect moment for them to have their “first dance” since they weren’t having a traditional reception!

As for what their favorite parts of the day were, Corina said she loved the car ride from the wedding to the dinner. They got to enjoy those small moments alone and reflected on the ceremony. Dan said he loved the actual marriage himself.

Last but not least, I needed to know if there was anything different that they would have done on their wedding day. Corina said she would have had someone to set up the flower petals and lanterns so that they wouldn’t have had to worry about it on the day of, as well as someone to work the radio.

Intimate weddings are my favorite, they’re so relaxed and full of love. I’d definitely suggest looking into a smaller wedding if you’re not that big into large parties!

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Molly Tanzillo- Bucks County Hair and Makeup Artist

This is Molly. She’s been working with me for a few months now as my in house boudoir session hair and makeup artist. I decided to write a blog post on her because she’s just so amazing.

I met Molly through her cousin Kayla who I use as a guinea pig for shoot ideas. Kayla and Molly’s aunt own a salon where Molly works. I ended up being hired to photograph the salon’s headshots and group photos for their website. That is where Molly and I’s romance blossomed. I asked her if she’d like to join along for a few shoots for fun so that we could work off each other’s creativity!

Molly has her own space in her house where she does hair and makeup from, as well as her own kit that she brings along to shoots so that she can set up anywhere and any time!

I asked her a few questions to get to know how and why she wanted to branch out in the field she chose. Molly said she’s always been a girly girl and was playing with Bratz dolls and Barbies while she was younger. She also used to watch the style channel (which doesn’t even exist anymore!) to watch what not to wear, specifically for the hair and makeup segment.

As for which she got into first, hair or makeup, she said it was honestly both. She would use her Mom’s makeup, and would ask for nail polish kits and hair beads for Christmas to build her mini collection up. When middle school came around she would do hair for her friends for formal dances and proms, as it was much easier to practice hair rather than makeup. She realized after doing hair for her friends formals that she could actually make a career out of this hobby that she loved doing so much.

A classic Hollywood wave is what Molly told me was her favorite look to create. She did this exact look on Kayla when we were hired to photograph Mon Cheri dresses for their social media. A classic red lip and winged eye is her favorite makeup look, but she loves to venture outside of the box and try funky looks as well!

I asked Molly what her five year goal was. She said “In Five years I’d like to have a pretty good following. I’m really just trying to get myself out there right now and show people what I can do!”

Molly’s work really speaks for itself. She’s able to do so many different things with the tools she has to create amazing works of art. Every time we shoot, there’s a new look that she’ll bring to the table. She’s constantly updating her kit with new eyeshadows, lip colors, etc. She’s laid back and goes with the flow and can work through sticky situations, like even doing a full braided updo in the back of a car because we thought we were going to loose light for the shoot.

Since Molly is in a similar boat as me when it comes to being able to do your hobby as your career, I wanted to know why she loves her job so much. She said “I make people feel great about their looks, just by making their natural features stand out with makeup or giving them a whole new look with a hairstyle! Another reason is I get to be creative everyday. I see someone’s hair and I see what I want to do to it and it’s fun to see the outcome. And lastly I’m surrounded by amazing people who just want each other to grow as a stylist and also a person.”

I highly suggest to follow Molly on Instagram to keep up with her newest creations, maybe even contact her for a makeover! You won’t be disappointed!

Where to find Molly! 

Instagram- @Mollys_chair
Facebook- www.facebook.com/mollyschair

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Anna & Justin- Durham Hill Farm Wedding

Anna and Justin’s wedding was held at Durham Hill Farm in Pipersville, PA. The forecast called for rain and clouds but as soon as the ceremony started, the clouds broke and it was sunny the rest of the day. As soon as I saw images of this venue, I was counting down the days until I could photograph this wedding!

The wedding gown was from Sposabella and the florals were done by The Peony Girl. Since the wedding was held over memorial day weekend, Justin and his groomsmen wore some patriotic socks to go with their casual looks. Justin arrived before Anna and got ready in the farmhouse on the property. As soon as the ladies arrived, I photographed all of Anna’s gorgeous details using the farmhouse as a backdrop. Anna’s mom helped her step into her dress while her bridesmaids helped with shoes and jewelry.

Anna and Justin met at a local park while Anna was walking her dog! Speaking of dogs, Anna included her adorable greyhound in the wedding and was so happy that the lovely people at Durham Hill Farm were so accommodating with him. They even let him stay in their house during the reception. Justin proposed to Anna on the beach after a beautiful dinner on the water. He even got a photographer to capture the proposal!

I always love to ask the couple what their favorite part of the day was. In my questionnaire before the wedding, I ask the couple what they most anticipate on the big day. After the wedding, I ask them what their favorite part of the day was and most of the time they can’t choose one! Anna said that having her Uncle Buck play accordion while they walked down the aisle was definitely a highlight of the day. She also stated that she was just so excited to have her whole family together, especially her Nana and all of the people who travelled from out of town.

The main barn had so many spots to photograph the couple in. I could have probably spent all day finding new little areas to capture them in. One of my favorite areas was the bar. The room is tiny, but might be my favorite part of the property!

The reception was held in the main barn where farm tables filled the room all with mismatched chairs that guests sat in during the ceremony. The sweetheart table sat in front of the main window that overlooks the farm. The tables were donned with blush napkins and plenty of florals to really make the tables beautiful.

Anna and Justin enjoyed their reception with dancing, toasts, cake cutting and of course a garter and bouquet toss. Their cake table was full of delicious baked goods of all kinds. I’m glad I photographed them when I did, because as soon as the guests were finished eating, they dug right into the dessert!

At the end of the night, I pulled Anna and Justin aside and photographed them together one last time under the twinkle lights that were strung from one side of the barn to the carriage house. I always love doing night shots with couples. It lets them have a tiny moment to themselves and to really take in their wedding day together!

Anna and Justin, you two were amazing! Your wedding day was gorgeous and full of love and happiness. I hope you two have the best life together and make sure it’s full of greyhounds!


Venue: Durham Hill Farm

Florist: The Peony Girl

Wedding Gown: Casablanca from Sposabella

Shoes: BHLDN


Bracelet- BHLDN 

Earrings- Givenchy

Wedding band and Engagement ring- Brilliant Earth

Catering: Francesco’s 

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