1. Haley & Oliver- Art Museum Engagment

    28 Jan 2018
    I’ve been slacking a bit on the blogging, but here’s a surprise Sunday blogpost! Haley and Oliver had their engagement session at The Philadelphia Museum of Art! It was so fun and unique and a great way to stay warm on this chilly December day! We started out with some…

  2. Allie & Mia- Golden Hour Anniversary Session

    12 Jan 2018
    Allie and Mia are two of the sweetest gems. I was so excited with Allie contacted me and said she’d like to do a session to commemorate her and Mia’s anniversary! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to be my first same sex couple that I got to…

  3. Molly-Sun drenched boudoir

    06 Jan 2018
    I haven’t blogged much boudoir since starting this blog last year! Since it’s boudoir season right now, I figured I’d share one of my favorite spontaneous sessions with Molly! We had a shoot earlier in the day and decided to make some magic since we were both free after the…

  4. Best of 2017-Lauren Driscoll Photography

    01 Jan 2018
    I started this blog a year ago and looking back through all of my posts makes me so grateful for all of the amazing people I got to meet and photograph this past year. When I make this blog post and lay out some of my favorite photos from engagement…

  5. Taylor&Ed-Hickory Run State Park

    21 Dec 2017
    Okay guys…this engagement session was like a once in a lifetime kinda shoot. Taylor and Ed had been hoping for a sunny day with some amazing golden hour shots, but I really think they ended up getting something even better…FOG!! I’d say it’s definitely harder to plan for fog than…

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