Taylor&Ed-Hickory Run State Park

Okay guys…this engagement session was like a once in a lifetime kinda shoot. Taylor and Ed had been hoping for a sunny day with some amazing golden hour shots, but I really think they ended up getting something even better…FOG!! I’d say it’s definitely harder to plan for fog than it is for a glowy sunset.

A few days before the shoot, the forcast said it was going to be cloudy and rainy so we decided to push the shoot up a few hours just so that we wouldn’t end up in some crazy dark gloom towards the on existent sunset. Taylor was down for anything, my kinda gal!! I love it when couples are spontaneous and up for a little adventure!

As I was driving on the turnpike the roads got foggier and foggier as we got closer to Hickory Run State Park. I kept my fingers crossed that we’d be able to get a little bit of that fog in some of their photos since it was so thick and beautiful! When I arrived at Boulder Field, a section in the park, the fog was 100% there and I was so pumped about it! The rocks were slippery but Ed and Taylor trecked out into the field and we got some pretty killer shots out of it!

The rest of the shoot consisted of just driving in our cars and stopping any time something magical caught my eye! I think we made up for the sunset with this beautiful orange foliage!!

Taylor had requested I bring one of my pieces of vintage furniture to the shoot and I think the floral couch was the perfect touch to this overcast dream boat of a session. Ed didn’t get it but Taylor and I both insisted that it was cool and we obviously had a vision!

This engagement session is definitely one for the books, I don’t know if I’ll ever get some amazing fog unplanned again like that so these will hold a place in my heart!! I can’t wait for Taylor and Ed’s wedding next year, I’m sure it will be here before I know it though!!

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Danielle&Brody-Riverside Engagement

This fall and winter has been full of engagement sessions for all of my couple’s whos weddings are next year! I love getting to know my couples through an engagement session because I get to know them and their love for each other!

Danielle and Brody’s love is like no other. They’ve been together since they were in 7th grade! Danielle said that she was the new kid in school in 4th grade and always had a crush on Brody. She said that she feels like she’s always loved him, even though at 9 years old things weren’t serious! 12 years have gone by and now they get to seal the deal by getting married at the family business which happens to be a nursery, and where we had their engagement session!

The love these two have for each other is contagious. Danielle said “I am extremely fortunate to have someone in my life like Brody; he’s eccentric, intelligent, handsome and warmhearted. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. And as we get older, I think I love him more and more each day.”

When I arrived at the nursery, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that it was Brody’s family business and that the two were going to say their I do’s there in May, but I did not expect there to be as many options for backgrounds as there were! The amount of land that they have is insane. Some family  lives on the property as well and we got to pass by their houses and see family members as we went from location to location. The two decided that getting married at the nursery was the perfect venue for them because, “The nursery is something that is shared within Brody’s family so this is a home-like place to tie the ol’knot. As a couple we are looking forward to celebrate the best day ever with our closest family and friends. We don’t need glitz and glam, exorbitant flowers, or anything that doesn’t define the two of us. A truly natural and beautiful setting with our people is all we really want.” If you can’t tell, the entire nursery is full of naturally beautiful spots, I’m seriously so excited to photograph them here again on their wedding day!

One of my favorite questions to ask the couple is how they got engaged. Danielle and Brody planned a huge trip out to Zion National Park to spend spring break and to celebrate their 11 year anniversary. The two of them met up with some close friends and backpacked through Watchman’s Trail to watch the sunset. Danielle said she turned around to look at their friends and to fix her hat and by the time she turned around, Brody was on one knee. After that, lots of tears were shed and she said she did a good amount of ugly crying, but it is her best memory! The date that Brody proposed on has a significant meaning to the both of them, as it is both their grandfather’s birthdays which is extremely special to Danielle.

These two are the sweetest most down to earth couple and I seriously can not wait for their wedding day. Danielle teased me with the promise of Cheesesteaks and donuts to munch on for dinner, so you know how excited I am for their special day!

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Michaela&Cris-Rose Bank Winery Wedding

Michaela and Cris got married on September 15, 2017, which also happened to be my birthday! That is one way I’ll never forget their anniversary! When people found out I was photographing a wedding on my birthday, they thought I was crazy, but honestly, this couple is so sweet and down to earth that I knew I wouldn’t regret it!

The two tied the knot at Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, Pa. Michaela said she found this venue by chance! She was driving with her parents when they passed by and decided to stop in. She ended up loving the property and knew she had to bring Cris to see the venue as well. Long story short, they both fell in love and stopped their searching there! It also helped that they had great wine too!

Michaela was both calm and collected, and nervous and excited at the same time! She was 100% trusting in whatever vision I had for everything from her details, to formals of her and Cris. She would let out tiny little squeels every once and a while when she would realize that her wedding was actually happening!

The sun shone bright for them during their ceremony, which was actually one of Michaela’s favorite parts of the day! She said, “saying our vows and then exchanging the rings made everything feel so real! Cris and I have been together for 5 years before we got married and we considered each other husband and wife since day 1, but exchanging those vows made it official and amazing!”

Rose Bank Winery had endless options for backdrops for photographs. The entire property was incredibly beautiful and made it so hard to choose which spots to utilize! I ended up letting the bride and groom free early from formals so they could join in on cocktail hour, but I brought them back out during the reception for a few last shots before the end of the day! Since Michaela and Cris’ wedding was an earlier one, I wasn’t able to do night photos with them, but I still brought them out for some alone time away from all the craziness to get some gorgeous photos of them when the sun wasn’t as bright!

The two newlyweds danced under the twinkle lights for their first dance and then partied the rest of the afternoon away with their closest friends and family. I always love to ask what advice the couple may have for any couples who are currently planning their wedding. Michaela said “I would advise other brides to take your time planning, and whatever doesn’t get done in time doesn’t matter. By the time you get to the alter, everything will fall into place. Spend your time enjoying the best day of your life!” In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Michaela and Cris, thank you so much for having me as your photographer. Your wedding was incredibly beautiful and you two are the sweetest most genuine people ever. I wish you a lifetime of adventure, love and happiness!

Dress and suits: L&H Bridal
Veil: David’s Bridal
Shoes: Badgley Mischka 
Makeup: Sindi Aleski 
Hair: Beautiful You by Julia
Flowers: V Flower in Newtown

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