River goddess-Stylized bridal shoot

Sometimes you just need to create for creative’s sake. When I feel the need to do this, I get my favorite ladies together so we can work some magic. Most of the time, this stuff isn’t planned out and totally spur of the moment. We all work off each other’s ideas and make it work!

Kayla modeled in a beautiful lace dress in the middle of the river splitting New Hope from Lambertville. This is definitely one of my favorite locations. Molly from Molly’s chair mixed rust and gold colors to bring some warmth into the look since we’d be around such cool tones from the water and blue sky.

For the flower crown, I got Joslyn from Lavender Fox Florals to work her magic. She created the most beautiful crown that included real raspberries that sat in a bed of pin needles and other dried flowers.

All in all, I think this is one of my favorite shoots I’ve done in a while. Sometimes doing this last minute without a set plan really work out!

Hair and Makeup:
Molly’s Chair- 

Lavender Fox Florals-

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Facing your fears-Empowering Boudoir session

Can we talk about self love for a little bit? I’m a huge promoter of it, because you are amazing and can do anything you set your mind to! Meagan was lacking some self love and knew that she needed to jump on the bandwagon. She decided that the perfect way to do so was to book a boudoir session. Even though this session was for her husband, it was honestly 100% for her as well. She was able to realize the amount of beauty she has and the potential she has to be a confident woman every day!

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Hair and Makeup by Molly’s Chair
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Website- www.lavenderfoxflorals.com

Bodysuit- ASOS
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Dan and Corina-Intimate New Hope Wedding

I just wanna say, if you’re stressed about planning a huge wedding, and you’re not opposed to keeping it simple, the way Dan and Corina did it, is the way to go!

Dan and Corina’s wedding was the simplest, sweetest day, or should I say few hours. They decided to self unite in front of their closest family members. The two of them said that the reason they went with a self uniting ceremony is because, “It’s free, you can control your whole wedding no one telling you when to do something or what to say, no religious denomination specifically marrying you.”

We met up at one of my favorite locations, Bowman’s wildflower preserve, for their ceremony. The experience was so different from a regular wedding day because the whole family came ready to set up the decorations they brought. They brought loose flower petals and some super cute lanterns to spice up their ceremony space a bit.

Corina and Dan kept the ceremony short and sweet. They exchanged hand written vows that were so full of love and then exchanged rings and had their sister’s sign as witnesses. It’s pretty amazing because they were honestly so calm and didn’t have to stress about anything going wrong since it was such a simple day.

After family photos, Dan and Corina stayed back while the rest of the guests headed to a nearby restaurant for their celebratory dinner. We were able to focus on just the two of them, in love on their wedding day. They brought along a radio with a set few songs that they had playing throughout the ceremony. I thought it would be the perfect moment for them to have their “first dance” since they weren’t having a traditional reception!

As for what their favorite parts of the day were, Corina said she loved the car ride from the wedding to the dinner. They got to enjoy those small moments alone and reflected on the ceremony. Dan said he loved the actual marriage himself.

Last but not least, I needed to know if there was anything different that they would have done on their wedding day. Corina said she would have had someone to set up the flower petals and lanterns so that they wouldn’t have had to worry about it on the day of, as well as someone to work the radio.

Intimate weddings are my favorite, they’re so relaxed and full of love. I’d definitely suggest looking into a smaller wedding if you’re not that big into large parties!

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