1. Chad & Carly- Tennessee couple’s session

    2017-11-15 23:07:29 UTC
    Okay, so I think this is my last installment from the wonderful trip to Nashville. Don’t worry though (I know you’re all worried) I’ll be heading back in October of 2018 for a wedding and I’m pretty much already counting down the days! This last session was done on the…

  2. Taylor & Connor-Bucks County Maternity

    2017-11-08 18:05:03 UTC
    I’m always so excited to photograph maternity sessions, they’re a nice change of pace from weddings and boudoir sessions. It’s a nice balance of showing love between a couple while celebrating a woman’s body and the amazing things it’s capable of doing! This session with Taylor was the most perfect…

  3. Tyler&Kaitie-Nashville Backyard Picnic

    2017-10-25 04:43:36 UTC
    I know, I know…It’s been a few months since Nashville and I’m JUST getting to writing this post about Kaitie and Tyler…I’ve just had so many different things to blog about in my queue, but I’m so excited that I’ve finally caught up to this post! Mark and I took…

  4. 23rd Birthday Party

    2017-10-19 14:47:09 UTC
    For the past three years, I’ve been having a little get together with some of my favorite people for my birthday. I’m not the type of person to be overly expressive that it’s my birthday when it comes around, but I’ve really enjoyed having these little dinner parties the past…

  5. Nashville TN-Travel Diary

    2017-10-11 20:45:00 UTC
    This summer, I took one of the best vacations ever. Mark and I travelled down to Nashville TN and I basically never wanted to leave. This is a photo diary from my trip down south! We stopped at Natural Bridge, VA the night before heading to Nashville to break the…

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