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As soon as I met Joslyn, I knew I wanted to hang out with her more. She messaged me on instagram and asked if I’d be willing to collaborate…of course I said yes after seeing both her personal instagram as well as her business one. They’re both so colorful and full of life, I sometimes find myself just scrolling through her photos…even though I’ve seen them before..(shh don’t tell her..I don’t wanna seem creepy)

Joslyn first made a flower crown for one of my studio sessions. She whipped up a dried flower crown that was full of bright fuchsias and yellows, and a freaking dried mushroom! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and I still have it and use it for decoration in my apartment because it’s just that gorgeous!

I needed to know what got Joslyn into the floral industry. She just seems so natural working with flowers and totally in her element. I was so surprised when she said she was actually first aspiring to become a wedding planner! She said “I was originally sure that I was going to be a wedding planner so when I graduated college I started working with a wedding planner/florist in Philadelphia. One day she asked if I would be interested in trying out the floral side and I loved it immediately. I pushed the idea off of pursuing it because I didn’t think you could work a job in flowers and make a living (it’s not an easy profession) then after many trial and error jobs I came full circle back to flowers and realized this was where I was supposed to be the whole time. Life moves in a circle for sure.”

Joslyn is so creative when it comes to her pieces, from an artichoke in a bouquet, to crystals in flower crowns and even floral crowns to wrap around your favorite hat! I asked her what her favorite thing to create was and she said bouquets! “I absolutely love making bouquets, they have no boundaries. They are always limitless, and they are often a challenge. There are so many ways to look at the flowers you have and the designs you can create out of them so it’s always fun to try and look at the flowers in a new light, new direction, and new style. The same flowers can always be made into something new and thats always excited me.”

Joslyn is based out of Lancaster City and invited me into her quaint apartment which was full of adorable little set ups everywhere you turned. The day before the shoot, she messaged me and said “There aren’t a lot of glamorous places (in the apartment) to capture me making the bouquet” I knew she was one thousand percent lying because the moment I walked into her apartment, I was greeted by the cutest pup in the world and all of the cutest decor pieces you can imagine.

It’s always so fun to find out where artists get their inspiration from. Every artist has a different way of looking at things and find the littlest things that you may overlook to be a huge source of their inspiration. Joslyn loves finding her inspiration from things in nature, like cascading vines, the sway of queen annes lace in the wind and the ever changing colors of the seasons. Her way of getting out of a creative rut is to go on hikes with her pup cooper. She said they almost always find something new to base a creation off of.

I asked what her dream wedding bouquet would be and she said that it would be both full of dried and fresh flowers and would definitely include a lot of funky, often neglected flowers, all local of course, and maybe a few crystals with lots and lots of silk ribbon to wrap the bouquet in.

The final piece that she created in front of me was full of all locally foraged blooms that Joslyn had gone out for before I came to her apartment. She gathered so many unique flowers and plants that turned into the most gorgeous, vibrant, whimsical bouquet. Wrapped with a gorgeous avocado green silk ribbon from Silk & Willow.

After the bouquet was created, we wandered the streets around her apartment. Every house has a unique look and feel to it, and most of them are painted with the most stunning colors. We stumbled upon this amazing grouping of vines falling over a garage and we both stopped and knew it needed to be incorporated in the photos. One of the owners joked that we should shoot against the other fence because the one we were shooting in front of wasn’t painted, but we told him that the vines were what made this one special!

Since it’s spring time and all of the gorgeous flowers are blooming I asked Joslyn what her favorite season was, since I kinda assumed spring and summer would be a florist’s favorite. She said “This is another one where each season I proclaim the current one is my favorite and then as soon as it changes I proclaim another one my favorite. I will have to say spring and fall are at a tie right now. I love the colors of the fall foliage, and the blooms, however spring flowers are on a whole other level. So we’ll say those two for now..”

Joslyn is so full of love and creativity. I love working with her, even though I’ve technically only been able to three times, I know I’m not going to stop any time soon! She comes up with the most amazing ideas and creates things with flowers that I would never imagine. If you like what you saw here check her out in the links below! Seriously! She’s amaaazing. To all my brides, I highly recommend her if you haven’t started looking for a florist yet. She’ll work her magic and make you something so unique and tailored specifically just for you! If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I know it was a lot, but I just have so many good things to say about this chick! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Silk ribbon-Silk & Willow

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Ballet Boudoir- Bucks County Boudoir Photographer

To say that I’m excited about this shoot would be an understatement. I have been wanting to do a shoot like this for at least a year and a half now, and some amazing people made my dreams come true!

I’ve been following Rie for a little while now on instagram, she has an amazing sense of style and loooves bright colors. When I found out that she was a ballerina, I knew that she was the one for this shoot.

The peacock chair was a recent score from a local thrift store and it definitely brought the whole shoot to another level. Speaking of bringing the shoot to another level, can we talk about the insanely gorgeous bouquet that Rie is holding in some of the shots?! Lauren from Flora of Lambertville created this bright wildflower-esque bouquet for me and it’s honestly one of my favorite bouquets I’ve seen.

The bright colors really steal the show against the black lacey bodysuit/slip combo that Rie is wearing. The golden sunset on the bright fuchsias within the bouquet made me feel like it was summer, even though we were a tad bit chilly while shoooting this!

Rie is a pro, and I’m not just saying that, she’s an actual professional ballerina at the First State Ballet theatre in Delaware. She was born in Japan and moved to the United States on her own, she’s such a sweet heart and so talented!

Last but not least, thank you to Kristin, my amazing second shooter/assistant who threw that fabric in the air a million times just so we could get the perfect shot!

Thanks so much for checking out this blog post! I hope you enjoyed looking through the images that I loved creating! Check below for credits!

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Two lovebirds in the city-Lauren Driscoll Photography

When I heard that Kristin was coming back to PA from living in California, I got so excited. We had only shot once before she left and with the news of her coming back, I knew we had to shoot again!

Kristin and Russell met at Antonelli, just like my boyfriend and I. Kristin graduated a year before my first year there so we had never had the chance to have classes together. She studied photography while Russell studied graphic design. Since Graphic design and Photography never have classes together, these two didn’t meet until their last couple of weeks before graduating!

The two of them are so fun and care free and I knew I had to photograph them together. I shot their whole session on film, which was a first for me! If I’m going to shoot film, I’ll usually do a few frames of digital to balance it out just in case the film doesn’t turn out the way I had planned.

Kristin’s dress was such a vibrant orangey red and I love the way the film captured the color! Kristin works for Free People so her style is always on point. It was so fun walking around the city finding cute little spots to photograph them at. I’m never shooting in the city, so whenever I do it’s always a fun time because it breaks me out of my comfort zone!

Kristin and I have very similar shooting styles, and that’s why I asked her to be one of my second shooters for my wedding season this year! We both love the same candid effortless looks and pose clients very similarly so it was a match made in heaven.

I can’t wait for wedding season to really get into full swing with this gal!

Kristin’s Dress: Free People (Similar style here)

Location: Old city & South Street 

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